ASTROWORLD: Travis Scott denies responsibility for deaths at his concert.

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American rapper and father of one, Travis Scott has finally broken his silence and has said he did not realise that the concertgoers were in serious trouble during his recent popular concert in Houston Texas last month.

In a new interview with Charlamagne Tha God from the popular New York radio station ‘The Breakfast Club.’ Travis told Charlamagne “I stopped a couple of times” he continued to say “at the end of the day you just hear the music”

Travis Scott finally spoke about the recent tragedy that took place at his latest concert that took place last month in Houston, Texas. The 50 minute interview ‘conversation with Charlamagne Tha God’ was released on Thursday and was his first interview since the Astroworld festival that killed 10 people

conversation with Charlamagne Tha God ft Travis Scott

In this interview, Travis is verbally silent about the incident and the death toll of 10 young people alongside the ever rising lawsuits he is facing. In this interview, Scott opens up to interviewer Charlamagne Tha God about the incident and shares how he has been dealing with the terrible aftermath. He also touched on the misconceptions onlookers may have had when it comes to his role with the situation and how everything occurred. When asked how he was feeling about what happened, Travis responded with:

“I been on about different emotions, emotional rollercoaster I mean, it gets hard cause I always felt connected with my fans. I went through something and I feel like my fans went through something, it hurts a community, it hurt a city, it’s just been a lot of thoughts and a lot of feelings, grieving and just trying to wrap my head around it.”

He also shared that he was hesitant on doing the interview however he wanted to go the best route to communicate his feelings and emotions about what happened that devastating night.

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Travis, who is known for having wild crowds at his shows was criticised days before his concert for causing rage and chaos in the crowds. Charlamagne asked if he thought this could have contributed to the energy at the night of Astroworld. “Yeah… I think this is something I’ve been working on for a while of just creating these experiences and trying to show like these experiences happening in a safe environment,”

Travis responded saying that, ” as artists, we trust professionals to make sure things happen and people leave safely and this was like a regular show it felt like to me.” He also went on to say that the energy people brought to the show, was meant for good. It wasn’t meant to be harmful, but it was and they have to find out what exactly happened.

When asked if he heard the screams and cries from the crowd, he said. “Nah man … and it is so crazy I’m that artist to any time you can hear something like that, you want to stop the show you want to make sure fans get the propper attention they need anytime I could see anything like that I did. I stopped a couple of times to make sure everybody was okay.”

Scott has offered to pay all funeral costs for the deceased, but this had been rejected by half of the bereaved families. So far since the disastrous Texas concert, Travis Scott has been named a defendant in more than 200 lawsuits, many are citing him for ‘negligence’ and for ‘the encouragement of violence.’ On Monday his attorney filed a dismissal request for 11 of those lawsuits. Publicly his representatives absolve him of legal liability.

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