7 Pubs in Harrow you should know about

Looking forward to a night out in Harrow but have no idea which place to choose? In this article, we’re taking a look at 7 pubs in the area worth your attention. 

The George

It’s a decent pub offering a range of drinks for every taste and occasion. You should come here if you’re looking for a cozy place to watch your favourite sport, enjoy your evening over a cheap pint or simply want to have a good meal and a drink at a reasonable price.


At first glance, you might think it’s just your average pub, and the truth is, you won’t be mistaken. Prices are cheap, and the interior isn’t fancy in any way, but the place is famous for its late night parties on Fridays and Saturdays. They play loud pop music which contrasts with a dark setting and dozens of strobe lights. All this creates a club-like atmosphere which makes the place stand out on the list. 


Just a minute walk away from O’Neills, Trinity is there for pretty much the same reason. On a regular day, it’s just a cosy and welcoming venue with fair alcohol prices. On weekends however, the second floor, which is closed on weekdays, plays host to some of the most exciting local artists. Many household names, such as Scouting For Girls, started their careers here.

The Junction

Neighbouring with Trinity, Junction is a wonderful place to occasionally come to enjoy some craft beer and delightful stone oven pizza. It features a spacious and isolated back patio which is especially bustling during summer. Alcohol prices are competitive, and there are various student discounts as well.

The Royal Oak

This is an Irish pub, or at least it classifies itself as one. Located at the heart of shopping areas in Harrow, it has a truly rich selection of drinks and food at a cost-effective price. The pub features a pleasant low-key atmosphere and hosts live music on occasion.

The Castle

Located almost at the top of the hill, this pub is practically an antique compared to others on the list. Once you enter it, you’ll instantly feel like somebody was having a pint here over a hundred years ago. The whole venue is uniquely separated into tiny rooms, each somehow standing out from one another. It creates a positive feeling of isolation and privacy despite the fact that everyone is one step away from you. 

The White Horse

This is a well-invested place that stands out because of its fine dining option, which is relatively uncommon to most pubs. All the food is homemade and never frozen, even the chips are hand cut. The place is spacious both on the inside and outside, which makes it an ideal go-to for various functions and gatherings. Be aware though, if you’re coming here you’ll end up paying a pretty penny for food and drinks. 


Your choice of this week’s go-to pub should be greatly simplified once you consider all of these options. After all, having a drink at a table with good people after a difficult week is the best way to wind down.

Written: by Ksystof Ogint | Subbing by: Peter Trythall

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