What exactly is the strange orange light in the sky?

During the past couple of days, people living on the West side of London have noticed a strange orange light in the middle of a pitch-black sky. Many images went viral and sparked a conversation. 

Multiple theories have been created to explain this phenomenon, some were guessing that it’s due to pollution, some thought that the reason for it is local fires. 

However, all the blind guesses were shortly refuted after a man explained that lights are being used to treat the grass in the Wembley Stadium. 

Wembley Stadium confirmed that they’re using the lights for extra photosynthesis to prepare the pitch for games during winter. 

A year ago, a similar incident occurred in Twickenham.

People were guessing, questioning and joking about the reasons for the distinctive lights. 

Next time you see this light, know that it’s not aliens or fires, but just your local stadium patching itself up for an upcoming game.

Written by: Ksystof Ogint | Subbing by: Peter Trythall

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