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Beautiful Christmas photos of London and Where to take them

Beautiful Christmas photos of London and Where to take them

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in London. Find out how your Instagram page can too. We looked back at the English summer through photos of Cornwall beaches, now it's time to count the days until Christmas. London takes Christmas makeover very seriously. Every street, every house, everything has the scent of Christmas at least two months in advance. Needless to say, when those Christmas lights come on, the expectations are high, but London never disappoints.   The dazzling Christmas lights tradition in London began in 1954 when retail stores and businesses arranged for a display through the Regent Street Association. The aim at the time was to show that post-war London has not lost its light. The tradition has been around ever since. The new star of Doctor Who

Gender neutral changing rooms: The Future?

What do you think about stores having gender neutral fitting rooms?   It is extremely important for anyone using a changing room to feel safe. Male and Female separate rooms ensures privacy. However, after recent complaints by a transgender customer at Topshop, it seems like many other high-street retailers have decided to follow this gender-neutral policy in their fitting rooms. This new approach can seems very risky as it allows room for other indecencies and reduces the level of security for underage customers. On the other hand, many customers prefer this new approach: 'It is a pain having to carry a pile of clothes from the top to the bottom floor. I would rather have a good experience whilst shopping not an inconvenient one'. - Vanessa Bailey   We deci...

Save or Splurge?

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With a new wave of modern restaurants taking over the London culinary scene, food has become less of a meal and more of an experience. Food culture has steered away from traditional steak and jus, and has become a stage show filled with culinary foam, dry-ice filled cocktails and new takes on a classic bisque. At the forefront of the London restaurant scene, Sketch has been all the rage. Found in the heart of central London, the restaurant takes food and reinvented it with quirky techniques. From the second you enter the building, you're greeted with a hopscotch drawing that leads you to a room filled with pink chairs and illustrations; It is a child’s dream tailored for adults. But is it still dining? The finest of dining perhaps. With Sketch’s grand decor and delicious food, this re

The new way of shopping in London

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Step away from the mainstream and discover the hidden gems that make London one of the most fashionable cities in the world! When shopping in London we usually head straight to the same old tourist-dodging streets and we end up buying the same clothes that everyone else wears. But the city has endless possibilities when it comes to organising the shopping trip of your dreams. The only thing you need to know is where to point your feet. We went on a search for the best, most unique independent shops in the heart of London but instead of wandering around every quiet back street in the area, we turned to an app to help us with directions and some retail therapy inspiration. Knomi is not just an app. It is an experience, and every fashion lover who wants to get away from the madness tha...