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Nightlife too expensive for a third of Londoners

Nightlife too expensive for a third of Londoners

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36% of Londoners say that it is too expensive to go out at night, according to a new report by the London City Hall. The findings show that, outside of work, two-thirds of Londoners are “regularly active at night”, (the report defines “night” as the time slot between 6 pm and 6 am). This could involve taking part in activities such as going to the shops, exercising and socialising in public venues at least once a week. However, the biggest barrier for Londoners to enjoy culture and leisure activities at night is the cost. Chris Edwards, who was having dinner with his friends at Piccadilly Circus, believed that the cost in London is high because it is an attractive city. “Because of its safety and security, and its multicultural elements. [It’s] also because of its entertainment.

Measurements in London: investigations confirm Love Island’s Kem Cetinay is not 5″10

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Voice of London visited this year's Love Island winner Kem Cetinay, last night at Watford Pryzm, to find out if he truly is 5"10, as he raps in his latest debut single, alongside Love Island's third place Chris Hughes. Armed with a tape measure, we went to find out if we could take some measurements of the newly formed rapper. However, unlike in the villa Kem was not partaking in any banter at all and was a 'little bit leave it' about the situation, telling us: "no no, I am not doing that, I only take pictures." But we furthered our investigations, measuring myself in at 5"4, standing alongside Kem, we can clearly see that he is not 5"10. A revised lyric that appears to be more appropriate: 'My name is Kem, I'm 5"6 and I only do pics.' Amb...

Smoking Areas: The Point of no Return

 The smoking area is an enchanted portal that leads to the quest of discovery, and sometimes it’s the people along the way that make it. Reporter: Larry Gliddon | Sub-editor: Emily Fortune Sometimes the best part of the night happens in the smoking area, and sometimes you spend the whole night in the smoking area. Events are always from one extreme to another - one minute you’re witnessing a fist fight, blink, and you’re suddenly coming up after taking a green Adidas pill. “Have you got a lighter, mate” There’s so many “Have you got a lighter”s knocking about, almost always smoking menthol cigarettes. But it’s usually the Rothmans or Chesterfield smokers who hand one over, it’s like a scene from Romeo and Juliet. Beware of “Have you got a cigarette, mate”, which is “Have you got a ligh