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Hearst BAME network “not a box-ticking exercise”

Hearst BAME network “not a box-ticking exercise”

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A leading minority rights campaigner at the publisher of Cosmopolitan and Elle believes inclusivity in media is about conversation. Dionne Maxwell, who works at Hearst Publications UK told Voice of London exclusively about how she set up the BAME or Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups network at the media giant. She says the network is about education and not pressuring people to increase diversity, but getting them to understand the benefits. As UK celebrated Black History last month - Maxwell, pointed out that a better understanding of Black history is required as "reading African stories or making badges in the library do not constitute as celebrations". See Also : Africa on the square Maxwell who grew up in Tottenham
Food and multitasking, is it healthy and  productive?

Food and multitasking, is it healthy and productive?

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Some of us love having a screen in our faces while eating, whether it is at work on your desk, or at home watching TV. Ayurvedic therapist Niti Nayee, told the Voice of London that we should eat with the TV off. In fact, all screens off. She also says that we eat the meal with a lot more mindfulness and consciousness, as it is about the energy that goes into the process of eating food. What is ayurvedic therapy? This is the oldest holistic medical system in the world. Originated in India, it promotes herbal medicine and very precise diets. Practitioners take the mind, body and soul into account. “I would rather eat a banana cake that I made - which may not be the most nutritious choice from a diet point of view, rather than a store-bought, raw, vegan banana cake. Whe

Black History Month: 5 people to make you proud

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Words: Stephany Malcolm | Subbing: Kate Reichdart It's Black History Month. During the month of October we celebrate what it means to be black, and how black people have truly changed the world. We can all think of iconic black figures like Malcolm X... but don't be fooled; black people in the UK are continuing to make history and break new records.   1. Stormzy       2. Edward Enninful   3. Anthony Joshua     4. Thandie Newton     5. Idris Elba The date has been marked in the UK for more than 30 years, providing art exhibitions, music events and celebrations. Make this month count and find out how you can get involved.   All images from

It’s only a game: the twists and turns of dating in an online jungle

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Words: Stephany Malcolm | Subbing: Kate Reichardt If you use or are considering using online dating apps to find a hook-up or partner - it may not be so easy. We all have an idea of the best dating apps that suit us. But there is no magical formula for getting the result that you want. You never know what you're going to get, or what agenda lies behind the screen... The Voice of London went out to hear what fellow Londoner's had to say about popular dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and - it was enlightening to say the least.   Background music: courtesy of