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Interview with London K-Pop Dance Workshop

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Tammy, 30, founder and Caroline, 27, co-founder discuss the importance of their workshops and Korean culture in London. Reporter: Chelsea Jobe | Sub-editor: Martina Di Gregorio Sweat-soaked students spilled out of Abacus Studios to catch their breath. They had been learning a dance routine before I had arrived. Monster by South Korean boy group EXO. Speaking to Tammy, the founder of London K-Pop Dance Workshop, I asked why she started dance workshops specifically for Korean Pop music. "I wanted to learn a particular K-Pop dance so I looked on YouTube for videos. There were a lot of covers online and I didn’t realise it was a thing. I thought some of these people are doing it wrong, not that I know it but from watching it over and over again I was sure they were doing it wrong.
David Haye punches opponent at London press conference

David Haye punches opponent at London press conference

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Just hype, or too far? Reporter: Ryan Elliott With March 4, 2017 now locked in as the date for David Haye’s pay-per-view grudge match with Liverpool’s Tony Bellew, fans can begin to get excited about the night’s action that awaits them. The pair came face-to-face at their London press conference last week, with things perhaps escalating beyond the expected. Following the exchange of heated words between both parties, a fiery head-to-head ended with a push from Tony Bellew, before a swift left hand was thrown by Haye. Did ‘The Hayemaker’ go too far given the responsibility that comes with being a professional sportsman? Hear from the man himself.
From The Other Side: What’s it really like to be on Traffic Cops?

From The Other Side: What’s it really like to be on Traffic Cops?

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How quickly life can change… Reporter: Ryan Elliott | Sub-Editor: Alex Clement Since it first aired on The BBC back in 2003, Traffic Cops UK has gone on to assert itself as a popular late night British turn-to show. Albeit, we don’t lose sleep in the run-up to the release of a new series, but if there’s nothing else on, it’s always there. Now into its 14th series – the show’s focus is simple, yet satisfying to watch. Camera crews follow police in their pursuit of criminals around The United Kingdom, leading to some outrageous footage. We’ve seen drink drivers, hit-and-runners and more than a fair share of other law breakers over the years, but the question stands – what is it actually like to be the antagonist in this situation? We caught up with a young man (who asked to remain anon

Theatre N16 launches initiative with Swing by Around 8

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Theatre N16 has launched an initiative giving up and coming actors, writers and directors their professional debut. The Matthew Martino benevolent fund gives four actors and two directors their first credit in the industry. Reporter: Sarah Louhichi I Subeditor: Alex Clement ★★★★☆ Theatre N16, Swing by Around 8 Welcome to the most awkward dinner party of all time. Matt (Maanuv Thiara) and Katherine (Maisie Black) are in a long-term relationship and it’s not going well. They let Suzie, their friend, set them up with another couple, to have an orgy. Katherine is determined that the only thing that can save their relationship is to swing with another couple. But do Amelia (Rebecca Drake) and Elliot (Paul Boichat) know it’s a Swinger party? They’ve never met before, therefore