Uncovered mysteries of tarot, astrology & spirituality

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Tarot readings and astrology are the most popular, unconventional options to glimpse into destiny. Voice of London reporters talked to a tarot reader and astrologer who explained tarot, astrology and spirituality.

Janis King, an intuitive guide based in Twickenham, who has been reading tarot cards for 15 years, says: “Spirituality is just some sort of connection to the non-physical world.”

A Voice of London reporter went to get a personal tarot reading from Janis.  Later, they sat and discussed Jani’s personal journey and the concepts of tarot and spirituality.

“I see people that tell me things that I would get in trouble for,” says Charlotte, an astrologer based in Camden Lock Market. Charlotte has been doing astrology readings for 1.5 years and is very passionate about her craft.

We’ve been lucky in finding our spiritual professionals, but we advise you to do your research before trying to find your readers so that you avoid fraud!

Watch the video down below to learn the secrets of tarot, astrology and spirituality:

Music used in the video: Adobe Premiere Pro

Words: Daniele Kieraite | Subbing: Mihlali Sidney

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