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Six surprising reasons to visit the park this winter

Six surprising reasons to visit the park this winter

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With the cold and flu symptoms lurking around, all we want to do is lock ourselves indoors, nestle up on the couch and light the fire.  But contrary to what many believe, winter is actually the perfect season to get out of the house - no, not to the nightclub, but to any parks or open spaces close by. Even just by taking a short stroll during the day, you are doing your body great wonders that cannot be offered by the interiors of your own house. Below we've listed six great health benefits that parks have to offer almost all year round. Parks encourage exercise It’s important to try and get active every day of the year, but during winter we all lose motivation. However, science shows that you burn more calories when exercising during winter because your body works harder to warm i

Yoga on the tube: keep stress away with these 4 simple steps

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Words and photography: Stephany Malcolm | Subbing Kate Reichardt Winter is upon us, and that means all the joys... and the stress that comes along with it. London is filled with people enjoying bright lights and festive events, but shorter days and busier nights can mean not enough time to focus on looking after yourself. The Voice of London visited Panna, a dedicated yoga teacher, mentor and healer with over 30 years experience. She showed us a simple four-step yoga exercise, to reduce stress and increase relaxation, that you can do at work or even on the tube home. Take a look through our gallery, and find out how to do a simple exercise for stress-management. All photographs taken and edited by Stephany Malcolm 5 Minutes. 5 questions... We sat down with Panna over a cup...

5 alternative fitness classes in London

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No matter what anyone says, exercise is boring. Whether you run on a treadmill, pump iron on weight machines or do reps of squats, we all get bored at some point. But living in London, we really don’t have to. We at The Voice of London have tried and tested five fun ways to exercise this winter (hot winter bodies are thing too, right?) Click here to view a map of alternative fitness classes around London. Words: Louana Erard | Subbing: Erin Zhang