Unpleasant facial creases: Swapping surgery for sweat

Resentment, disappointment, nerves, stress, sadness: a sea of negative emotions likely to leave unpleasant traces on your face. The rapid aging of the 57 muscles that make up your face and how to deal with it has been a generations-long question.

When creams and masks begin to fail you, simple, daily exercises may help you achieve your goal of acquiring a uniform skin texture and increasing blood flow to the capillaries, which in turn helps to restore your face.

Over the past 10 years, a whole set of exercises specialized to smooth and structure your face have been developed. Europe and the Americas are leading the revolution to swap surgeries for a far safer option.

Train the muscles of the forehead: place the index fingers over the eyebrows and strain them (pull-down) at the same time try to strain the forehead and pull it as it were up, also try not to frown. For the full effect, repeat the exercise in 10 sets for 5-10 seconds.

Strengthen the muscles near the eyes: this exercise will best suit those who would like to get rid of the bags under the eyes. Squint very tightly, while trying not to frown and repeat it 10 times for about 5-8 seconds.

Lower face exercise: you need to stretch your lips with the letter o as far as possible and try to smile. At the same time, you must tighten the muscles of the cheeks. Repeat the exercise 8-10 times.

Clear oval face without a second chin: relax the lips and stick out the tongue as far and forward possible. Twist the tongue up as you are watering as cats do. In this exercise is important to feel the tension and repeat it for 25 times. Don’t tighten the lips and keep your mouth free of wrinkles and creases.

More puffy lips: place the thumb between your lips protruding forward and squeeze your finger with the inner surface of the lips. To enhance the effect, gently hold the lips on top and bottom with the fingers of the other hand and repeat it for 30-50 times. 

Words: Xenia Puiu

Images: Park Street on Unsplash, Noah Buscher on Unsplash

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