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Students In The Studio

Students In The Studio

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A common myth about pursuing a career in the arts is that the success rate is very low, which discourages and prevents a lot of individuals from going into what they love. You wouldn’t expect the girl that’s board folding a t-shirt to have a stellar range of abstract paintings in her bedroom, or that the boy behind the counter at Subway has a three octave vocal range. After speaking to multiple students studying art here at The University of Westminster, they offered insight into their work and the what has inspired them and their own works. In the cluttered art studios located in the Harrow campus, Taylor Ellis (second year digital art), Sarajane Martin (second year painter), Aidan Currie (first year sculpture) and Jenö Davies (first year sculpture) talked about their personal experien

Sounds of the Underground

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There are always lots of musicians playing music in the many stations for the London Underground. Every musician has their own story. They insist on their dream, even though they may suffer from many of life's pressures. This video shows the different types of music from talented London Underground artists, and their spirit of music and life.  
Top artists in 2016

Top artists in 2016

A look back at some of our favorite music in 2016 Reporter: Martina Di Gregorio | Sub-editor: Cecilia Peruzzi   Indie, rock, pop, popular, up and coming. We have seen it all this year, this dreadful 2016 that has shook many people in so many different ways. But hey guys, it's December and the year is almost over, so why don't we look back at the good that this year has brought onto us: the amazing new artists, the great songs, and the albums that have served as soundtrack to our life events. Below is a little podcast about The Voice of London's favourite seven artists in 2016, and a little snippet of their songs.   Noah Cyrus Emeli Sande Norma Je...

Artstagram: Seven Instagram accounts for creatives to follow

Bringing art online is no new adventure. Since the World Wide Web started, art has featured in every domain — from clipart pictures, to novelty 90s logos. The online art world has progressed beyond grainy photos and a dial-up tones thanks, in large part, to Instagram. We take a look at the results. Reporter: Holly Patrick | Sub-Editor: Yasmin Jeffery Voice of London has put together seven on the most beautiful, informative and adventurous arty Instagram accounts you’re going to want to follow. From fancy art fairs to street art, here are the best accounts to peruse to get your daily fix of art.   1. @Artsy Featuring work from galleries, promoting the world's best art fairs and linking you to the most topical of arty articles.