Artstagram: Seven Instagram accounts for creatives to follow

Bringing art online is no new adventure. Since the World Wide Web started, art has featured in every domain — from clipart pictures, to novelty 90s logos. The online art world has progressed beyond grainy photos and a dial-up tones thanks, in large part, to Instagram. We take a look at the results.

Reporter: Holly Patrick | Sub-Editor: Yasmin Jeffery

I (Galka)

Art is moving away from traditional gallery spaces to painstakingly curated Instagram accounts I (Galka)

Voice of London has put together seven on the most beautiful, informative and adventurous arty Instagram accounts you’re going to want to follow.

From fancy art fairs to street art, here are the best accounts to peruse to get your daily fix of art.


1. @Artsy

Featuring work from galleries, promoting the world’s best art fairs and linking you to the most topical of arty articles.



2. @Art Under The Hood 

Focusing on street art found in London, Jay Pacer, the curator of Art Under The Hood, displays amazing art works from around London and also publishes his own work.

Jay used to be a therapist, but decided life is far too short not to follow his passions after getting hit by a car 11 years ago. Check out his page and see the work for yourself!



3. @Heatherdayart

San Francisco-based artist Heather Day is an explorer and artist inspired by the sea.

A lot of her work is blue, calming and tranquil.



4. @i._am._sad._  

David, the man behind this account, hails from London’s East End, and has worked from his home ever since he decided to close his Shoreditch gallery, F-art, in 2009.

His art is purposefully naïve in style and brilliantly amusing.



5. @ArtForum

A printed art magazine with snippets of each months’ content posted to their Instagram account, just teasing you to buy a copy.

This account features growing and established artists, as well as images of things they simply think are cool.

Art Forum has defined the world of contemporary art since 1962, and serves to open our small, uncultured eyes to wonderful galleries and artists across the world.



6. @Pishcheck

Polish-born, Canadian-raised Przemek Pyszczek uses influences from his home country, such as the fall of communism and its aftermath, to create art.

He uses sculpture to rediscover his own past and determine what the future may hold.

He also has a strange obsession with Kim K — God knows why.



7. @Affordableartfairuk

Everyone should have art in their lives, but if you don’t want to create it, you can easily buy it.

At the affordable art fair, there’s art for everyone.

This account is specific to the UK, but the fair is global, so you can buy amazing art on every continent.




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