Top artists in 2016

A look back at some of our favorite music in 2016

Reporter: Martina Di Gregorio | Sub-editor: Cecilia Peruzzi



Credit: GQ

Indie, rock, pop, popular, up and coming. We have seen it all this year, this dreadful 2016 that has shook many people in so many different ways. But hey guys, it’s December and the year is almost over, so why don’t we look back at the good that this year has brought onto us: the amazing new artists, the great songs, and the albums that have served as soundtrack to our life events.

Below is a little podcast about The Voice of London’s favourite seven artists in 2016, and a little snippet of their songs.


Noah Cyrus


Emeli Sande

Norma Jean Martine


The Lumineers



Here are the social media links for each artists, as well as the full music videos for the songs featured in the podcast. All these artists have either just debuted with shockingly singles or have proved that their first albums were just the beginning of their great career.

Go show some love to these amazing singers who have brought joy back in our world and that will continue to do so in 2017, which hopefully will be a happier year.

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