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‘Voter’ to ensure more millennials participate in elections on November the 8th

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With a largely controversial presidential election coming next week in USA, it is crucial to encourage most American residents to take part. Yet, as official numbers show, millennials are not very much into polls. How mobile apps are helping the process? Reporter: Mariya Grinina | Sub-editor: Joseph Carey The US general election is next Tuesday, November the 8th. The issues raised during presidential campaigns are crucial to diverse communities, and while ‘millennials’ are the most diverse generation of voters, it is imperative they vote. However, the young adults aged between 18 and 35, a group making up a third of eligible voting population in the United States, shows little interest in polls. In 2012, only 46% of millennials said they had voted. Perhaps one of the reasons f

The Survival Guide For Londoners After Paris Attacks

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People in the UK have been afraid of the possibility of a terrorist attack in British land. How to cope with the fear in times of terrorism in London? Words: Natalia Branco After the terrorist attacks in Paris at the beginning of last month, the whole world got frightned of what can happen next. The UK, for being actively involved on ISIS defeat has been particularly wary for the many threats it has received from the group. Even though Prime Minister David Cameron has declared that autorizing air strikes would make the British safer, many disagree, believing the UK is now a bigger target for terror attacks. In the streets of London, people say what how they feel after the 13th November. Here you can find some light hearted advice - after all, it's Christmas! - to avoid paranoia ...

Stop Bombing Syria March – In Pictures

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Another protest against the parliament's decision at the beginning of December has led a crowd of hundreds to the streets.Words and Photos: Natalia Branco     Hundreds of protesters gathered at Portland Place, a few meters from Oxford Circus station, and marched towards Downing Street at the beginning of the afternoon on Saturday. The demonstration was another attempt to get government members to stop the bombing in Syria, after air strikes were authorized on December 2. The crowd followed chants criticizing the Prime Minister and leaders of the protest declared his decisions were not representing British people's interests. The protest was organized by Stop the War coalition, saying on the page of the event on Facebook that "the decision by MPs to bomb Syria ...