10pm Curfew off the clocks – Lockdown end means new tier system to aid Christmas

Photo by Krakenimages | Unsplashed

The Prime Minister is set to announce a tougher three-tiered system set to take place when the month-long lockdown comes to an end on 2nd December. 

Despite the restrictions becoming tighter than the three-tier system that was in place before the previous lockdown, the government intends to extend the 10 pm curfew to 11 pm.

According to Chancellor Rishi Sunak, this will mean that people will be allowed in pubs and restaurants past the previous hour set by the government, but the last orders must be taken at 10 pm and the dining halls must close at 11 pm. 

Although some of the local measures will remain the same as it was in the previous three-tiered system, Boris Johnson is set to announce how restrictions will become tighter with the introduction of more areas being placed in higher tiers. 

Many tiers will be strengthened to preserve the progress made during the second national lockdown.

For several students, frustration continues to build towards the government with many feeling that their wellbeing during this pandemic, has been neglected by the government. Millions of young people have been unable to travel to visit friends and family. In light of this, Mr. Johnson is also set to announce that tier restrictions will ease in late December over the Christmas period. 

Reports suggest that household mixing may be allowed as long as families remain in a “bubble” between 22 and 28 December. The Cabinet is set to approve the plans concerning this on Sunday.

March is set to be the benchmark in which households will be able to mix freely, but until then, the government is set to outline how people are only allowed to stay within their family bubbles – with the Christmas period being exempt from this. 

Words: Salimotu Shobowale | Subbing: Michael Patcha


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