MP Owen Paterson resigns

Owen Paterson disgruntled. Photo by bbc.

Now former MP, Owen Paterson takes to benches after being accused of misuse of lobbying conduct.

This followed the introduction of preferred new rules of conduct to do with how our MPs lobby set by Conservative MP Andrea Leadsom.

Owen Paterson is accused of misconduct in lobbying issues, since a report by standards commissioner Kathryn Stone states that he used his position to benefit his other places of work.

Labour party MPs get into a row in parliament after suspension of Mr Paterson was blocked. They fear corruption would take place if Mr Paterson were allowed to speak on the benches.

Mps take to voting on issues to do with the new lobbying rules and whether fellow MP Patterson is due for suspension.

Andrea Leadsom claims that Paterson speech in parliament is only to acquit him of his crimes rather than to process the new codes of conduct.

Instead of taking a 30 day suspension, Owen Paterson decided to leave the benches in a hurry since he claims the ordeal was ‘intolerable’.

Words: Namra Tahir Sub-edited: Salma Ahmed

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