5 High Fashion Masks to Splurge on

As fashion evolves, trends evolve with it. Something that started out purely to protect ourselves from the virus has mutated more towards being a fashion statement.

Sadly ‘Corona Season’ does not seem to be going out of style anytime soon.

So we have found five high fashion masks you can buy to complement your daily self-styling conquests.

1. Victoria’s secret

Long-standing lingerie brand Victoria Secret has launched a range of Reusable silk facemasks. These masks have adjustable straps so that the masks stay perfectly in place for hours.

It comes in different classic Victoria Secret’s prints and colours including white polka dot, classic leopard print and pure black.

Washing machine friendly, it also means you can use it to your heart content without being scared of your lipstick foundation ruining the mask.

Price – £8.00

Screenshot of Victoria Secret’s website

2. Topman

Don’t worry! We didn’t forget the boys. Topman a staple high street favourite has come out with a wide collection of face coverings for men.

These reusable Polyester ‘fashion masks’ come in various prints such as animal print, camouflage and classic black. However, the one that caught our eye is the ‘We’re in this together charity mask’ – 100% of the proceeds on purchase go to the NHS charities together.

The mask with the writing ‘we’re in this together’ is perfect to give passers-by motivation to get through this dark time.

Price – £5.99

Screenshot of Topman’s website

3. Roop

The worst part about masks is how uncomfortable they get around the ears after long wear. Roop Ribbon strap organic face masks are the closest to solving that problem.

The masks are made out of 100% organic cotton and come in a range of colours including black grey and pink. While the thick ribbon straps are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

The ribbon straps also give you the freedom to tie the mask as loose or tight as you desire. A clear example of why sustainable fashion has a bright future ahead.

Price – £23.00

Screenshot of Selfridges’ website

4. Lele Sadoughi

The New-York based high fashion brand Lele Sadougie is now retailing in London’s Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. The brand has launched a tie-dye cotton hairband and face-covering set.

The mask comes with adjustable ear straps to ensure long-lasting comfort while the hairband can keep your hair neat while making a statement.

The plain white with soft pink, yellow and blue tie-dye pastels make it the perfect on-the-go fashion accessory.

Price- £30.00

Screenshot of Selfridges’ website

5. Candice Cuoco

Candice Cuoco’s leather and cord face covering is a major upgrade on our usual surgical masks.

The outer lining of the mask is made out of 100% lambskin. The inner layer is made out of 100% silk polyester and has a hidden rose wire so the mask stays in place. The edges of the mask are all rounded to ensure maximum comfort.

What caught our eye was the beautifully done silver embellishments on the ear straps.

Available in black and burgundy.

Price – £75

Screenshot of Selfridges’ website

High fashion or not, wearing a mask remains essential in order to protect yourself and everyone around you.


Words: Akanksha Goel | Subbing: Sam Tabahriti

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