World Vegan Month: How difficult is it to be a real vegan

We all agree it is super hard to be a vegan. This lifestyle undeniably costs you hundreds of pounds and hours in the kitchen chopping your potatoes.

Reporter: Ivelina Nikolova | Subeditor: Visnja Marjanovic

November is the month when the Vegan Society and Animal Aids are persuading you to join their meat and dairy free lifestyle. For 30 days there will be specific events all around the world for all people who are willing to make a change in their eating habits.

London is one of the places with significant growth of vegans during the last year. Although mainly millennials are likely to shift to a meat free menu, most of them still believe this diet is costly and difficult  to maintain. They are right!

Being a real vegan is about fancy colourful brunches, advanced recipes and expensive products, right? Being meat and dairy free is for sure as intimidating as all these Instagram accounts you are looking at. In addition, if someone comes and asks you why you are vegan, please, do not make a fool of yourself mentioning the environment, the animals and the healthy benefits for your body. Hello! It is all about image, appearance and your social media followers.

So, we decided to give you an ultimate fruit salad recipe to make your life easier. We know you probably won’t have time to figure it out on your own. Prepare yourselves. It will be extremely technical and demanding but worth it in the end.

High-nutritious Sophisticated Fruit salad Recipe


Time to cook or the infinity you will spend cooking it: 

5-10 minutes

Ingredients or all those weird and hard to get components:

  • Pears
  • Pomegranate
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Passion fruitimg_3515

(all ingredients can be bought from the local shop)

Preparation or the complex procedure you must watch YouTube tutorials for:

  1. Wash all fruit gently
  2. Use a knife to slice the pears (you may need to see how Jamie Oliver is doing it. Or your mother)
  3. Deseed the pomegranate in a bowl. This is the most advanced part of the recipe. If you get this right, you almost set foot in a cooking school. Don’t panic, YouTube will teach you.
  4. Mix all fruit together in the bowl. This is the real cooking part. Here, the recipe is testing your chef abilities. Nothing to worry about. Practice makes perfect.

  5. Present the fruit salad in a nicely manner. Our advice is just to watch Master Chef for some ideas. Fruit salad is a bit tricky when it comes to presentation. All these bright colours at one place, so annoying, isn’t it?
  6. You take a deep breath. You are done. Although there is a big chance you messed something up, you hopefully nailed it.img_3562

On a serious notice, it is no surprise you think it is so hard to cook vegan since Google search is suggesting you a list of rather sophisticated meat and dairy free alternatives of meals which hardly can be made at home, plus their restaurant prices are proven sky-high. Moreover, vegan lifestyle is a trend for the last five years. Its main principles fascinated a large group of the global society and now it is so popular that people go vegan just so they can be in fashion. On the contrary, vegan is a word widely used to signify the evolvement of our society and it is pretty easy to get involved in this change. Fruit and vegetables are delicious, healthy and ready to eat on the go. Our recipe suggests the simplicity of cooking vegan dishes and proves that despite becoming a profit-making industry, vegan label is first and foremost a natural organic way of living.

Join in now the 30days Vegan Pledge. 

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