World Cup 2022: professional prediction for England Vs France quarter-final

The Voice of London secures an exclusive interview with Sky Sports News Editor ahead of the England v France World Cup Match. Photo Credit: Voice of London

Lyall Thomas, a news editor for Sky Sports News, gave us his predictions for Saturday’s World Cup 2022 quarter-final match between England and France.

Thomas predicts that Jude Bellingham, England’s “prodigal son”, and French competitor Kylian Mbappé, will be the players to watch in the game. Both have scored spectacular goals for their teams so far in this World Cup.

France may be the more experienced victors on an international stage, and the “favourites to win”. However, England – the “underdogs” – still stand a chance of winning. This would mean the trophy would be one step closer to ‘coming home’.

Will you be watching the game tomorrow at 7pm GMT to see if Lyall’s predictions are correct?

England v France World Cup predictions

Words: Yana Trup | Video: Nadya Salie | Subbing: Nadya Salie

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