Calling for Christmas fashion inspiration

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From sparkly dresses to cozy pyjama pants, when it comes to Christmas fashion there’s a range of options.

However, if you’re one of those who see the holidays as a chance for a fashion statement, it might be time to start planning the perfect attire for Christmas dinner.

With the stressful year behind us and the cost-of-living crisis raging on, stressing about what to wear on Christmas might be the last thing you need on your mind. If this is the case, or you’re just lacking inspiration, here are some ways to find inspiration for the holiday season:


For anyone passionate about making vision boards (or if you are a middle-aged mom), you’re likely to already be familiar with this platform. Pinterest is the perfect place to log on to if you’re thirsty for some fashion inspiration, even around the holidays – especially if you’re looking for something more preppy and glamorous. Create style boards with all the outfits that spark joy, add some hair and makeup tutorials and you’ve got a whole outfit ready to go.



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Isabella Vrana on Tiktok

If it’s something trendy that you’re after, TikTok is the place to search. Always full of the newest trends, the app is filled with inspiration on how to dress for every occasion, even for Christmas day. The influencer and vintage shop owner Isabella Vrana is the one to watch out for to see what’s cool around this holiday season.

Charity shops

If the cost-of-living crisis is weighing in on your wallet, but nothing in your wardrobe is calling your name, you should head to charity and vintage shops. They are a great, sustainable, and most importantly, affordable option. London is filled with these shops, whether you’re looking for something vintage and unique, or for a classic Christmas jumper to fulfil your vision, getting them second-hand is the better option. And if running around London during the busy tourist season feels daunting, try thrifting online on apps such as Depop.

Ask your friends

If no one on social media seems to be inspiring you and even after scrolling for hours on Depop, you have nothing, it’s always worth it to ask for advice from friends – or better yet you can even borrow clothing if your friends are willing.

This is what everyday Londoners are planning on wearing this Christmas:

“I haven’t thought about it yet. Probably something comfy like a sweater or something, I don’t really give it that much thought.” – Melanie, 23

“Sparkly red dress with snowman earrings.” – Andrea, 21

“I have a black knitted dress I’ve worn every Christmas for a couple years now and I think that’s what I’m going with this year too.” – Jess, 19

“My girlfriend got us matching Christmas pyjamas so… I don’t think I have any other choice.” – Ryan, 25

Whether you plan to shop secondhand or end up looking for something brand new, it’s important to try to find something for more than one occasion, as almost half of people in the UK buy clothing they only wear once. While a sparkly silver top or a funny Christmas jumper might be a cute idea for the upcoming holidays, ask yourself how likely it is that you are going to wear the clothing again before making another purchase.

Words: Lumi Leinonen | Subbing: Aleksandra Martynow

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