With the times: a men’s streetwear pandemic lookbook

Yoga master fit | Photos by Maelina Hassel

We could write a very long list of all the things that have been cancelled this year. Sadly, fashion shows would be included. This lookbook might help you fill that empty pit in your heart that just yearns to behold men’s streetwear.

A century from now, historians will be studying the ins and outs of this pandemic. Like chapters in a book, this year might be categorised by the stages of quarantine and how people spent the hours locked away at home.

The new hobbies that lasted for days or at most a couple of weeks, the existential dread followed by brief spurts of inspiration, the unparalleled amount of time spent binging Disney Plus chasing nostalgia in order to get a little serotonin pumping… You know, the usual.

Here is Voice of London’s take on a menswear winter collection x pandemic developments. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ft51IDt6RlQ&w=560&h=315]


The “Going to the grocery store AKA the only time I get to leave the flat” fit:

From top to bottom: Neighborhood Type NH-MM bucket hat, Guerilla Group face mask, Guerilla Group frayed zipper hoodie, ROSEN Orwellian coat in Linen, Rick Owens tote, Tired Lab Zip Patch Patchwork trousers, Ann Demeulemeester leather back lace boots.


The “It’s quarantine and I’m in a bread baking phase” fit:

The unprecedented yeast shortage of 2020 was a marvel. Our model would be wearing a toque but alas, it literally caught on fire when he was making bread earlier in lockdown… 

From top to bottom: Ronin Division Camp Collar shirt, William-Sonoma apron, Nudie Jeans black ripped denim.


The “I’m going to become a yoga master in my backyard” fit:

From top to bottom: Cav Empt Autohypnotic crew neck, Helmut Lang Aviator trousers, Suicoke Boak-V high strap sandals.


The “Zoom meetings all day” fit:

Business on the top, and short shorts on the bottom. Fashion could forever change to waist-up only.

From top to bottom: Supreme cap, Ronin Division Camp Collar shirt, Patagonia Baggies shorts.

Model: Cory Bryan | Words, Stylist, & Photographer: Maelina Hassel | Subbing: Sara Guadrini

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