Winter holiday destinations that do not require self-isolation upon return

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With Christmas fast approaching and the national lockdown being lifted people all over the country can’t help but slowly regain the holiday spirit that everyone thought will be lost this year.

Spending the Christmas holiday at home by the fire with a warm cup of tea might sound like the perfect recipe for a stress free holiday, however, with the new found freedom of regaining the ability to leave the house freely, some might want to be a bit more adventurous this holiday season.

Admittedly, travelling outside the country has become much harder. With a number of travel destination still requiring self-isolation upon return it is getting tricky to plan a perfect little holiday, but there are still places to go.

There are currently 71 countries on the UK travel corridor list with at least half of them opening their borders for UK travellers once again.

These countries are exempt from the self-isolation rule, meaning you can visit any of them and come back to the UK without having to spend another 14 days in isolation once you return.

Those countries not on the list require special entry permission or a 14 day self-isolation period upon arrival, therefore are not as suitable for a quick Christmas holiday.

In these confusing times, is important to check for all the travel details before planning a trip to one exotic destination or another.

However, there are still some countries that only require a short or no self-isolation period and online form to fill-in, in order to properly enjoy the trip, these are the places that can be considered for a winter holiday.

Some of those travel destinations might seem unusual and unexpected, but they might be exactly the holiday adventure you are looking for.


It is very important to remember that most of the countries have their own COVID rules and restrictions in place, which should be checked and familiarised with before visiting.

Furthermore, It is important to remember that even with the UK travel corridor you still need a negative PCR test on departure and with some countries and aeroplane companies upon arrival as well.

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The rules of travelling during the pandemic must be followed at all times, for your own safety and others. Face masks must be worn at all times and regular use of a hand sanitiser is encouraged.

Nevertheless, that does not mean that travelling is impossible and you can not enjoy yourself.

With a perfect list of holidays there is something for everyone this season.

Words by: Assiya Mukhamedrakhimova | Subbing: Grace Staley 

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