Save Our Scene to protest lack of support for musicians during COVID-19

Photo by: Monika Laimaite

Two-wheeled protesters gathered outside the Marble Arch station on Wednesday 2 December to raise awareness of those musicians who have as yet received no financial support from the UK government during the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than 200 people on bicycles weaved through streets of Central London on Wednesday evening, chanting “Save Our Scene” the night England enters a tougher version of its three tier system of restrictions.

Followed by a DJ, sitting in a jeep, revellers marched to Parliament Square. The DJ kept the music going throughout, changing genres from jungle, house to sing-along tunes.

George Fleming, the 26-year-old organiser of the protest SOS told the Voice of London: “We are trying to remind people about the music industry during the pandemic.

We hear different sectors struggling, yet music is being swept under the rug.”

As well as putting pressure on the government to act – Save Our Scene is also raising money for the Help Musicians COVID support fund.

Photo by: Monika Laimaite

Lorena, who biked along with her two DJ friends, told the Voice of London: “Everyone is in such a good spirit, the government must step up to bring our lives back.”

She added: “This reminded me of how much I truly miss loud music and the dancing floor.”

Many musicians and artists have fallen through the gaps of government support, leaving many with no income since March, which inspired campaigners to bring attention to the suffering music sector.

The protest obeyed with current coronavirus restrictions including wearing masks and imposing social distancing.

Photo by: Monika Laimaite

Fleming himself was surprised for the turnout and mentioned he has plans to hold a Christmas themed protest the next time. Save Our Scene is planning to protest for as long as it will take for the government to take action.

Save Our Scene march in action:


Words: Monika Laimaite | Subbing: Grace Staley

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