Remembrance 2019: why it’s important to remember

Credit to Zaina Emad

This morning, thousands from all around London gathered in Whitehall to pay their respects for the soldiers who sacrificed their lives serving the country.

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The parade started with an endless line-up of people who had to go through security checks.

When Big Ben struck at 11 am sharp, the crowd took a vow of silence for a few minutes, as routine goes every year.

Then, the royal family, political leaders, war veterans, and families and friends of anyone who died in conflicts were joined by thousands of people who attended to show their national support for this day.

Voice of London asked various attendees, including war veterans, for their thoughts on the parade and how they felt about a controversial viewpoint concerning this year’s Remembrance Sunday. Watch here:


Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, shared his sentiments for the important day via a Twitter video:

Words, photos, and videos: Zaina Emad

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