Remembrance 2019: Remembrance Sunday parade held in London

Credit to Sky News

The National Service of Remembrance is held today at The Cenotaph, in Whitehall, London.  

The parade commenced from, marked its opening by Royal British Legion detachments marching out from Wellington Barracks.

The ceremony resumed after a two-minute silence at, to honour the service and sacrifice of British Armed Force community, the British Commonwealth veterans and the Allies who fought with civil servicemen and women. 

The members of the Royal family and the government joined the march along with the public. 

Are Remembrance Sunday and Armistice day the same thing?

Remembrance Sunday always falls on the second Sunday in November each year.

Yet, Armistice day is on 11 November 2019, marking the end of the First World War. Then, what makes it different from Remembrance Sunday?

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Armistice day remembers the day which had an agreement between the Allies and Germany on 11 November 1918, to stop further fights, that marked a victory for the Allies.

The agreement was signed in Compiegne in Northern France which came into effect at 

On that account, Remembrance Sunday is held today, on 10 November and Armistice day, also known as Remembrance day, will be on 11 November. 

More updates follow.

Words: Kim Se Hee l Photos: Sky News

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