Who’s getting out of the jungle?

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The celebrities have been in the jungle for 12 days facing testing trials, a lack of food and a certain MP has been grilled by his campmates on a daily basis. With the camp community running almost smoothly, it’s about to be rocked as someone gets voted out tonight. 

With just over a week to go, the campmates have all grown to love and tolerate each other, but the clashes in personalities and the hanger amongst them have made for a particularly eventful series. While the voting has only been for trials so far, tonight one campmate will be voted to leave. 

There has been a lot of controversy around former Tory Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, being in the jungle with Ofcom receiving 1,100 complaints about this alone. However, Loose Women star and journalist, Charlene White, is the bookies’ favourite to go first, which is not too shocking since she has caused tension in the camp kitchen and with the sleeping arrangements.

It does mean that over the next week the show is going to start wrapping up for this year, so here are some of the most memorable moments of the series so far:

Chris’s one star return

Radio legend, Chris Moyles, took part in his first solo trial where – after an already disastrous beginning – he lost the only two stars he had collected and had to go back to retrieve them. By the end, he managed to sheepishly take one back to camp. 

Matt Hancock’s candy

If there’s one thing we never thought we’d see it’s Matt Hancock doing the classic pub dance routine –  the candy. Concentrating on the steps more intensely than he did on his job as the Health Secretary, he joins the other campers and learns the routine as a way to pass time. 

When Seann met Matt

Matt Hancock was an unexpected jungle arrival for the nation but comedian Seann Walsh – who also went into the show a few days late – seemed to find it hilarious. When they first saw each other at Mole HQ, Walsh’s infectious laughter took over in hysterics. I believe it was a mix of shock and disbelief – particularly when Hancock started singing Ed Sheeran’s Perfect – but he had everyone at home giggling along with him.

Babatunde’s butter fingers

A three-man trial which consisted of Boy George, Babatunde Aleshe, and Chris Moyles left the campers without much food for dinner as Aleshe dropped almost every single star which came his way. His frustrated teammates couldn’t do anything to help but Ant and Dec found it hilarious seeing the campmates’ hopes of a good meal slip out of reach. 

Ant and Dec and Spud (the lettuce)

Matt Hancock was made camp leader after competing against former rugby player Mike Tindall in a blindfolded race. Ant and Dec decided to use the new leadership measuring test to see who could ‘Romaine’ the longest – Hancock or Spud the Lettuce. Every night they check in on Spud and so far they both seem to be standing strong. 

You can catch tonight’s episode live on ITV1 at 9pm or on ITVHub. 

Writing: Summer Rogers | Subbing: Ashreya Jimi | Featured Image: ITV

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