Autumn Night Out in South London

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Go out, get a drink and forget about the grim moments happening. See our guidelines to visit and explore new bars in South London.

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The social life of young people is important part of their growth. They love going out and explore new and interesting places. London gives the best opportunity for exploring and gives you the chances of seeing new places where they can sit and enjoy some wonderful cocktails with some snacks to enjoy.

The city offers a wide range of different places to go out and have fun in the evening. There is no area in London that does not have a pub or bar. Everyone has heard of the most popular bars in town and what they offer. No one thought to explore London on a deeper level. Poeple prefer going to Central London and go to the fullest places or that visually looks the good.

I, like many other, like to travel, hang out with friends and explore different places. I enjoy trying the most ordered drinks and dishes in bars and restaurants in general.

I have selected very good bars and pubs that are not allocated in Central London and are worth visiting. They are completely different from each other and cover most of the things that young people love: food and drinks. The places have decent prices. They are located in South London, but some can be found in other areas around London, too. I would suggest giving yourself the chance to get to know new areas.

  1. Ganley’s Irish Bar in Morden, South London
Picture: Ganley’s bar on Facebook

The pub is open all day. Best time to go is five o’clock in the afternoon. The restaurant has a mysterious style and gives you Harry Potter vibes mixed with Irish culture. The pub does not require formal attire to visit. The prices are reasonable, especially for students who are not working, yet and need to budget carefully. For people who prefer harder alcohol, I recommend visiting this pub. It has very large varieties of whiskeys, wines and beers and all other hard liquor. The cuisine there is amazing with different types of snacks. You can dine there, too. They have a wonderful kitchen with many different and fresh sandwiches. The nachos they offer is one of the best I’ve ever tasted and most ordered dish there.

2. All bar one in Sutton, South London

Picture: All bar one by Dafni Belcheva

This place offers hard drinks. It offers large selection of cocktails, too, some of which contain more alcohol than usual. The place has a wonderful interior, with romantic setting. There are different selections of interesting dishes and snacks. Me and my friends had a great time because the music wasn’t loud, and we could hear each other. The prices are not the cheapest, but they are decent. The place is worth visiting especially in evening time. It is suitable both for hanging out with friends and for romantic dates. The environment provides a sense of comfort and gives you the opportunity to get to know the person you went out with. You are not required to wear formal attire to the venue, unless the occasion requires it.

3. Slug and Lettuce bar and restaurant in Sutton, South London

Picture: Slug and Lettuce by Dafni Belcheva

This place offers a more modern and newer design in terms of interior. This bar offers modern music with different varieties of cocktails. It also offers different varieties of food. The most recommended cocktail there is porn star with or without alcohol. The people at that place give good service and always try to accommodate your personal preferences. This establishment offers more secluded areas to sit if you want to enjoy your own company. The place offers interesting deals and promotions, too. One of them is called 2 cocktails for the price of 1. Keep in mind in order to get the promotion the cocktails have to be the same. Me and my friend went to this place and thought it was two different cocktails for the price of one, then they brought us 2 of each cocktail we ordered. However, we ended up having a good time there.

Credits: Google maps

Words: Dafni Belcheva

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