What does the Selfridges Christmas market have to offer?

Photo by: Vanya Petyova

After a hectic month, shops are finally open and we are more than eager to start our Christmas shopping. Selfridges surprises us with their open-air Christmas market on the Mews.

It is December and it is that time of year when we are all full of plans on how to spend Christmas and what to buy for our loved ones. Even if you haven’t decorated your Christmas tree yet, it would be nice to go around Oxford Circus and be inspired with the Christmas decoration.

A few days ago the government gave a green light for the people to meet for Christmas and the Christmas melodies start echoing in our minds. Our brains are occupied with ideas of hand-crafted presents and the smell of mulled wine. But where  can we enjoy the Christmas spirit this year?

Although we can’t visit the traditional Christmas events such as Winter Wonderland and National Museum Ice rink due to the current coronavirus restrictions, there are still places we can meet friends, treat ourselves with wine and sweets. Selfridge’s Christmas market is the best place this year to enjoy Christmas food and drinks and socialize.

Before you indulge into the Selfridges Christmas beauty find out what is the history of  Christmas markets.

Where does the idea of Christmas market come from?

The Christmas market idea originated in Germany. The name derived by the German word Christkindlmarkt (literally: Christ Child Market). However, it referred more to the angel spirit of Christmas rather than the Christmas child.

The first Christmas market was in 1434 in Dresden. In the past, most of the Christmas markets were called “December market.”

Many of them can be found in Vienna, Munich and Bautzen. Most of the Christmas markets were held in the town square and included food, drinks and open-air stalls. Music and dancing programmes were a traditional part of every market.

When was the first Christmas market in England?

The first Christmas market in the UK was held in Lincoln. The market was organized as a result of the partnership between Lincoln and the German town Neustadt. The market took place for the first time in 1982 with only 11 stalls in Castle Square.

Nowadays, the market has expanded with more than 200 stalls with Christmas crafts. Additionally, the market is one of the most important events which brings around 250,000 visitors to the city.

Selfridges opens today, after a month of lockdown, and will present their open-air Christmas market called Christmas market on the Mews. The market will continue until January 3, 2021. The opening time is from 4-9pm on weekdays and 12-9pm at weekends. The market will be located in Edwards Mews, at the rear of Selfridges, London.


Photo by: Vanya Petyova

The market includes many activities from buying your Christmas tree and decorations to fair rides. The festive market incorporates some of the greatest street food vendors along with the supervision of the food pioneer and founder of Street Feast, Dominic Cools-Lartigue.


Photo by: Vanya Petyova


The food programme presents the following :

  • Tramshed Project- burgers and BBQ
  • Fundi Pizza-Neapolitan style pizza
  • Cheese Wheel- pasta made in a big 40kg wheel of Grana Padano
  • Pop Dogs Official-currywurst and bratwurst, vegan sausage
  • Pabellon-Venezuelan food
  • Gully-North Indian street food
  • Only Jerkin-fried chicken and jerk gravy
  • Choco Fruit-fruit topped in chocolate and covered in a topping
  • Ask Mummy Daddy-traditional and vegan picks and mix sweets
  • Sicilian Goods-Italian Christmas sweet treats
  • Selfridge Selection-festive food from Selfridge’s own label food range and brands from the Foodhall
  • Field Vision will be responsible for the drinks by offering a variety of drinks such as mulled wine, hot buttered rums and warm apple ciders.

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Words and photos by: Vanya Petyova | Subbing Dina Nazari


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