8 Homemade Christmas gift ideas

Original photograph Davionne Sweeney-Mcintosh

Due to COVID-19, a lot of people have suffered financially, which has caused much panic during the Christmas period.

Here are eight homemade – easy and affordable – Christmas gift ideas to ensure that you won’t miss out on the giving this holiday:


1)Homemade soap

This gift is not as complex to make as you would think.

You can buy a large block of soap and melt it down to be sectioned into smaller pieces using a mould.

Add any oils or fragrances you want to melted substance before freezing for 10 minutes.

The beauty in making homemade soap is you can put as much/ little effort into presentation as you want, and it should still come out nicely.

It’s also something small that you could make for a large sum of family and friends.



Why not treat your loved ones to some freshly baked cookies this Christmas?

Personalise you baked goods by adding chocolate chunks or colourful Christmas icing. Follow the BBC’s online recipe to assist you if you’ve never baked before.

Photo by: @got_celiac | Instagram

3)Tie dye top

Be creative and add some colour to any tired, plain clothes you may have laying around the house.

There are also so tones of great videos on YouTube on how to easily tie dye shirts, joggers and many other everyday items (such as mugs, socks, phone cases, etc).


4)Photo album

Likely one of the most personal and long lasting presents you could ever give.

Not to mention affordable. Purchase an empty scrapbook and stick in pictures of you and your loved one.

Maybe personalise your gift further by writing small messages in the margins, describing what was going on in the photo or how you felt at the time.


5)Drawing/ painting

Something they can keep in their home and hearts forever.

You can purchase a paint/ pencil sets from any arts and craft based store in the UK. Why not create a piece of art that reminds this special someone of you? Or perhaps a tribute to something they love?

Photo by Davionne Sweeney-Mcintosh

6)Personalised picture frame

To further decorate your art of even a photograph, purchase a picture frame that you can also decorate yourself.

Painting, adding stickers, glitter, doodles, etc.


7)Christmas tree decorations

Download and print a template to follow from the internet for the ornaments shape.

Cut out a double side of the shape with a felt pattern of your choosing and sew them together.

Leave a one inch gap and proceed to fill the inside with cotton.

Additional decorations (bits of holly, snowflakes or glitter) can also be added and purchased from Hobby Craft.

This gift can be added as a personal Christmas tradition and be a great addition to a beautiful tree.

Photo by Davionne Sweeney-Mcintosh


Much like the homemade soap, candles are completely customisable as you can add any essential oils you want to your mixture.

Firstly, you need to thoroughly grate and melt a block of beeswax. Add coconut oil and any essentials of your choosing.

Ensure the wick is stabilised in a mason jar (available and most supermarkets) before pouring substance in. Pour half of the wax into the jar and wait for it to solidify slightly before filling the rest in.

Once fully dried, the candle will be ready for use.


Words: Davionne Sweeney-Mcintosh | Subbing: Grace Staley

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