The top five artists that hilariously illustrate what we’re all thinking about the US election

President-elect Donald Trump… well, there’s a sentence we never thought we’d write.

Reporter: Anisha Chowdhury | Sub-Editor: Chloe Chapman

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In all his glory … Lennart Gäbel’s potty depiction of Donald Trump I (Lennart Gäbel)


These elections have been long and tiresome, with plenty of animosity on either side.

However, from every democratically controversial event in history, comes a wealth of incredible art and music.

We’ve collected some of the awe-inspiring political work artists have already done, and it is plain to see the distain from within the creative contemporary world.


5. Dave MacDowell

MacDowell doesn’t hold back with his creatively vivid, colorful pieces.

His work features dark humour and satire, combined with popular culture.

These specific acrylic works are pretty shocking to look at, but they cannot get much more shocking than this election as a whole.

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Courtesy of @macdowellstudio

‘Neither!’ by Dave MacDowell I (MacDowell Studio)


A fly infested, terrified Hilary Clinton I (MacDowell Studio)


4. Tony Pro

Pro is a contemporary artist born in Northridge, California in 1973.

The self-trained painter embraces romanticism in painting through his figures, portraits, still-lifes or landscapes, and produced similar works featuring the clown outfit seen here.

Visit his website.

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Trump’s clowning around again I (Tony Pro)


3. Kryzto

This artist from Greenpoint, Brooklyn has digitally edited Donald Trump’s face onto various not-so-popular leaders.

Visit their website.

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Trump as Kim Jong-un I (Trust Me Folks)


Trump as Adolf Hitler I (Trust Me Folks)


2. Alex Ray

Ray specializes in digital illustration and is based in California.

He makes comics for children, as well as these hilarious satirical illustrations of Trump.

Visit the website.


Trump driving around in the ‘Pussy Wagon’ I (Alex Ray Art)


1. Lennart Gäbel

Gäbel is based in Hamburg, Germany, and does various different types of work, including satire and illustration.

He even created a visualization of Trump’s famous quote about grabbing women by the “pussy”.

These pieces help alleviate the certain doom implied by the US election results, by inspiring positivity.

Art has restored cities and stopped wars, and hopefully these events will continue to inspire revolutionary work that will make history again.

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Trump disrespects the Statue of Liberty I (Lennart Gäbel)



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