The varied and cool tattoo studios list, for Londoners

Photo by Orfeas Green on Unsplash

By Argia Hernandez

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo but you’re not sure where to go, who to ask or where to get inspired from? It can be difficult to find the right place to get a tattoo, that’s why here you have a list of some tattoo studios and their artists recommended by students or that are popular in London. With their different characteristics, each one transmits very good vibes. Take a look at them and you might find your next tattoo studio or, at least, you’ll get inspired.

1 – Room 13 Tattoo

With three artists under its roof, it’s located in a cool independent retail and creative hub of Dalston: @thefactorydalston. The people who work there are very friendly and the treatment is unbeatable. They have a wide variety of styles and options available. It exudes a lot of confidence and you’ll want to come back for sure.

Here is the link to an interview with the owner, Ana Mijovic, talking about her and the studio’s story, as well as some advice before getting a tattoo. And in case you would like to know the process of getting one beforehand, here is a slideshow explaining it.

2 – Vaporwave Tattoo London

Formed by five artists, this studio will not only dazzle you with its designs but also with its decoration and interiors, creating a space with a mix of neon lights and plants. Besides the fact that the artists have a very varied and original style, they have the option of doing hand poke tattoos in case you were thinking of trying them out.

3 – The London Social Tattoo

With a studio located in central Soho, they also have a YouTube channel with several videos talking about tattoos in interviews. You could take a look at and expand your tattoo knowledge. Thinking of getting an improvised tattoo? Walk-ins are welcome, perfect if you’re on a short trip to London and fancy a tattoo in the city.

4 – Tattcity

We all know that tattoos can be quite expensive, although it all depends on the design, the location and the artist. Still, if you really fancy a tattoo but don’t have a big budget, Tattcity offers a range of small or simple tattoos for the price of £25. It’s a great option for something simple and quick, and small tattoos are on trend.

5 – Fifth Dimension Tattoo

Last but not least, Fifth Dimension Tattoo. With their 100% vegan conduct, you won’t find any product or item that comes from or has been tested on animals. This is a very good alternative, as many people are not aware that some traditional inks contain ingredients that come from animals, but with this vegan studio, you can be sure that there is no trace of these components in their material. The site is also popular for its geometrical art.

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