Tamagotchi turns 25

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It is now the 25th Anniversary of Tamagotchi and users are reminiscing on the times and bringing back old memories of the highly popular digital pet game.

Tamagotchi is an egg-shaped digital pet game, which fits perfectly in every pocket. Tamagotchi offers a variety of colours and designs. Choosing between 4 pets Tamagotchi users could raise their virtual pet by feeding, cleaning, giving them attention, playing with them and stop them from crying. If you didn’t take good care of your pet, there was the possibility of it to die.

Within its first year, Tamagotchi sold out very quick and it was impossible to get one. They are still selling Tamagotchi’s until this day and improved their games. They have developed many more generations and upgrades like the Tamagotchi Smart, the Tamagotchi Pix or even a Smartwatch.

Twitter users were showing off their Tamagotchis to celebrate their 25th birthday.

If you’re a 90’s kid, the term Tamagotchi is something 90’s kids are very familiar with. 25 years ago, Tamagotchi was launched from the Japanese toy maker Bandai.

It was the first digital pet and has influenced many more digital games. Tamagotchi has a big impact on digital pet games, just like the virtual pet game Nintendogs on the Nintendo DS and many more.

Speaking with people, who were owners of the game brought back their childhood memories just in time for their 25th Anniversary.

“I loved my Tamagotchi, I was so sad when it died, I can’t believe it has been so long. I’m getting old.” – Sonia, 23

“I was so addicted to my Tamagotchi. Everywhere I go I took it with me and I even hid from my parents under my bed.” – Rob, 25

“I took very good care of my pet. I called it Chubby but my school started to forbid them after everyone was taking them to school. I would love to find out where I put my old Tamagotchi and if its still alive.” – Chantelle, 24

Words: Shemina Schildhauer Subeditor: Uzma Khan

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