What the freak is wrong with FreakShakes?

We may lose freak shakes this Sugar Awareness week (12th-18th November).  During the week charity ‘Action on Sugar’ discussed the future of sugar and calorie reduction. As this year’s theme is ‘Eating out’, their first…

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I get food but, does food get me?

Food is a big part of everyone’s lives (especially mine)… pretty much ever since anyone can remember. It helps us grow, helps us get energy and has made us all “strong boys”. Queue the Pinocchio…

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Do figs contain the dead bodies of wasps?

Wasps enter into figs to pollinate flowers, lay eggs and finally die inside. Reporter: Yueer Wang | Sub-editor: Phuong Thu Nguyen A video released by Gross Science showed that figs are likely to contain the…

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