Star Wars Jedi: Survivor reveal trailer has dropped

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for Respawn Entertainment

Sequel to the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (2019) success is the latest trailer for the Star Wars Jedi game, Survivor, that was released during the 2022 Game Awards and is set to be out in March 2023. 

The action-adventure game will soon be taking over screens by the looks of the very promising reveal trailer that has been made public. The third-person narrative-driven game continues the story of Jedi Knight, Cal Kestis, the main protagonist of the first game who is voiced by Shameless actor, Cameron Monaghan. 

Brief gameplay shows Cal continuing his journey, as the trailer shows positive growth for him whilst he strengthens his powers as a Jedi with the Force, whilst taking his companion BD-1 with him. 

Several fan theories have been circulating online, including the possible return of Taron Malicos

Gameplay from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Monaghan tells CBR, that he thinks his character’s personality is “interesting” in regards to getting over issues such as PTSD, and believes that he adds a refreshing depth to the Star Wars realm. He even suggests that there is a possibility that he will return to live-action acting for a potential Disney+ series.

Fans of the game have come together on Twitter to share their thoughts on the trailer. People are keen to get back to “real gaming” whilst demanding to know where Nightsister Merrin is.

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The game will be released to PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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Words: Charissa Halsey | Subbing: Summer Rogers | Featured Image: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for Respawn Entertainment

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