Italian Eurovision winner’s new single out now

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Måneskin released its new SUPERMODEL single today at midnight BST.

Last year’s Eurovision winners can’t stop succeeding in their career. They’ll perform again this year with their winner song Zitti E Buoni on tomorrow’s final.

Here’s a list with the best places to watch Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in London.

The song was produced by Max Martins, the Swedish records producer who also worked with artists like Adele, Taylor Swift and The Weeknd lately.

“We wrote SUPERMODEL after spending a few months in LA.”, the rockstars admit. As they announced on Spotify, they were inspired after observing how much people care about the “celebrity” image, how they are obsessed with their looks, and how it affects their status and connections. That’s how they started to build their enigmatic Supermodel character, cool, fun and social on the outside, but troubled, sad and addicted on the inside.

A song that aims to join the summer hit lists, with an aesthetic reminiscent of the vibes of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. Don’t miss it! It’s available here.

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Words: Argia Hernandez | Subbing: Yana Trup

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