PS5 Digital Edition picture for £450, interested?

Photo by: Wikimedia Commons | Creative Commons

All PlayStation 5 supply is now ‘absolutely sold out’, says Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony. Businessmen on eBay, however, are bringing the game to the next level – they can make a fortune by selling photos of PS5 consoles.

One of the photos was provided by awaimohamme6, a 100% positive feedback seller who became a member of eBay in 2017. The member says in its product identifier that it’s branded with Sony and was manufactured in 2020.

The seller also provides an in-depth detail description of the product – ‘Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition picture or will print the pictures on A4 and post it or email’.

Before the sale ended by noon on Black Friday, it received 74 product rating with an overall of 2.4 out of 5, 50% of reviews agree it has ‘good graphics’ and 60% of them consider it ‘fun’.

Among its 73 reviews, one entitled: ‘People don’t understand capitalism’ and rated the product a 5-stars got 339 dislikes and is now the most disliked review on the list; while the most liked review goes to ‘GUYS JUST WAIT. There will be more stock coming in within the next couple of weeks – Don’t get ripped off!!’ with 525 likes and only 59 dislikes.

Photo by: Pixabay | Creative Commons

awaimohamme6 is not the only guy who comes up with an idea of selling photos of PS5. When searching for PlayStation 5 on eBay and rearranging the price from lowest to highest, the top 25 results were all photos of PlayStation 5, ranging from £160 to £400 – which is close to £449.99, the original price of PlayStation 5.

There are over 100 results of ‘PlayStation 5 photo’ on eBay, 30% of them are over £100.

Costumers should really be aware of the nature of the products and be clear of what they want, to avoid an unpleasant shopping experience.

Most sellers have specified in the description box that the buyer will only receive a photo of PS5 when the product is sold. There are also sellers warning costumers who are looking for PlayStation 5 to not buy a photo of a PS5 on eBay.

Among all, the cheapest sale is a brand new drawing of PS5. This product comes from an anonymous seller, who shared his opinion on the photo selling on eBay:

“Loads of people seem to be selling photos of the PS5 on here for some reason.  Not sure why you would want to pay £100 for a photo.  How about a piece of original art? I just did it. I think it’s excellent…Really be careful what you bid for ;-).”

Until 27 November, 90% of PlayStation 5 (presumably real ones) available on eBay are 130% over its original price.

All PlayStation 5 suppliers are now ‘absolutely sold out,’ says Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony. And for those who are still longing for a PS5, it is unlikely to see the next release before 2021.


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Words by: Yuan Luo | Subbing: Sam Tabahriti

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