Prince William launches ‘Stop Speak Support’ campaign to combat cyberbullying

The Duke of Cambridge has launched a campaign to fight back against cyberbullying.

‘Stop, Speak, Support’, is the world’s first youth-led, online code of conduct. It aims to offer young people with something to turn to if the ‘banter goes bad’.

17 year-old Felix Alexander took his life after struggling with the impact of cyberbullying, last year. 

Prince William began work on the ‘Stop, Speak, Support’ campaign after hearing of Felix’s death.

The focus of the campaign is to encourage social media users to differentiate between online banter and scenarios that would feel them uncomfortable in real life.

Charities and celebrities have taken to Twitter to show their support.










Social media platforms Facebook and Snapchat are working alongside the campaign to provide users with direct access to the code should things turn sour.

Other companies like Google and EE have also taken part in the project.

The campaign, urging young people to take responsibility for their online actions is part of Anti-Bulling Week.

The Duke of Cambridge with Felix’s mum, Lucy Alexander and cyberbulling victim Chloe Hine.

Click here for the full code of conduct.

Words: Katherine Docherty Subbing: Olivia Herring

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