We didn’t get an Indian summer – but we may get an Indian wedding

Words: Stephany Malcolm | Subbing: Kate Reichardt | Photography: Stephany Malcolm

Last weekend Olympia London hosted Europe’s largest National Asian Wedding Show, and The Voice of London went along to see what all the fuss was about. Don’t worry if you’re not engaged… We decided to give you 5 reasons to go along to a wedding festival, even if you haven’t got a ring.

Talented makeup artist, Jawaad Ashram providing stunning looks on the day. Photograph via Instagram.

1. New profile picture

A perfect opportunity to get a new Instagram pic. Every corner of a wedding show is Instagram worthy and you’ll be a glam spectator anyway. You’ll have your best coat and dress on (or shirt), so get snapping. Plus your followers will be wanting to know what their idol is up to.


Mobile Photo Booth. Photograph by Mobile Moments London. Follow them here 


Memories are often made in the most unusual places. Follow The Voice of London Lifestyle’s Instagram feed for inspiration. Photograph by Stephany Malcolm


2. Free cake

Like any function, the main reason we all go is for the free food. Let’s be real. The most asked question: ‘Will there be food there?’ and what’s better than free cake and cocktails? It will be the the comfort food, for when you’re crying at the fact that you’re not getting married.

Divine and delicious cakes, in a range of exotic flavours and styles. Provided to us by Ann’s Designer Cakes, photography by Ann’s Designer Cakes company.


White chocolate & pistachio, mango and passionfruit were among many indulgent flavours. Don’t mind if we do. Photograph by Raynor Fry.


Thirsty? No problem. Azure Bar and Events generously provided more-ish mocktails and cocktails throughout the day to keep everybody feeling ready to sample and spend at the show.


3. Birthday party ideas

The next best thing to a wedding. Celebrating a damn queen/king – you. If you want a birthday party like no other, an Indian extravaganza will top any other party. Gold themes, sequins, over the top decorations, perfect.


An exclusive preview of table settings from Events of Distinction. For Weddings, and corporate events. Follow the link. Photograph by Stephany Malcolm

4. Endless compliments

What we experienced the most were constant compliments, whether they thought we were getting married or whether our make up was genuinely on fleek. Everyone was so nice and you will be made to feel like a queen/king.

Another queen. Stunning makeup by the talented Jawaad Ashraf – See all of his work here. Photograph by Stephany Malcolm


5. You’re not getting married, but you can still upstage the broom(bride/groom)

Who knew a world of cosmetic-surgery companies existed purely for weddings and events? Well they do. From botox and body sculpting, to hair transplants and teeth whitening; you really can make that perfect day perfect, even if it isn’t yours.


Berkshire Aesthetics offered us sensible suggestions for non-surgical enhancements for special events. Photograph by Stephany Malcolm.


Berkshire Aesthetic‘s provided us information about a range of treatments. Photograph by Stephany Malcolm


(music: Goldengrove – Keith Kenniff)
If this article left you curious. Don’t worry. There’s still time left… Find tickets here for more National Asian Wedding Shows.


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