Podcast: Battling Islamophobia in the Western World

Featuring a special guest, we’ll be discussing some of the challenges Muslim women face whilst attempting to peacefully practice their faith. Over the last few years, a rise in negative attitudes towards Muslims has been fuelled by several factors, including but not limited to the refugee crisis caused by conflict in the middle east and the rise of populist far-right movements in Europe.

Source: Habib Dadkhah via Unsplash

We’ll be looking specifically at controversial “Headscarf ban” in France and comments made in 2019, by Boris Johnson – current PM – comparing women in Burqa’s to “letterboxes”. This was viewed as an outrageous attack on Muslim people and led to a significant spike in hate-crime.

Words & Audio by Hassan Qadeer | Subbed by Rinah Mungombe

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  1. Quick and to the point. Islamophobia will be a very difficult problem to overcome. Twenty years after the 9-11 event if a person in our church seems ‘too friendly’ when it comes to Muslims they are ‘asked’ to leave.

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