Piers Corbyn, brother of Jeremy Corbyn, arrested

Prominent Covid-19 opposition figure was arrested on suspicion of ‘encouragement to commit arson’. He allegedly urged members of the demonstration group to burn down MPs’ offices, British media reported on Sunday.

London Metropolitan Police confirmed on Twitter that a man who had been arrested ‘on suspicion of encouragement to commit arson’, without actually specifying Corbyn’s identity.

Piers Corbyn addressed this violent remark to the politicians who voted in favour of COVID-19 restrictions.

Piers can be seen wearing a yellow title on it which read: ‘Resist! Defy! Do not comply!’

Home Secretary, Priti Patel said that the video ‘sickening’ and urged police to take the ‘strongest possible action against him’, in a post on Twitter. Her remark did not get much support from the general public, she got reminded that the Conservative MPs held a party last year, when the whole country was coerced into staying at home and following the maximum of number of six people having Christmas together.

On Tuesday, British lawmakers voted to approve restrictions to contain the spread of omicron variant. The new rules include wearing of masks in public places and presenting COVID-19 vaccine certificates or negative tests to enter populated venues. Health Minister Sajid Javid does not exclude the possibility of restrictions being reintroduced before Christmas, as the country fights with the surge in omicron cases.

Written by Chinara Sadikhova

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