London musicians on the rise that you need to add to your next playlist

London: the birthplace of classic rock, patriotic pop and a brick-load of attitude. For music-lovers, there can never be enough new music to discover and take influence from for our work-in-progress Spotify playlists. But it’s not always so easy to decide on who to listen to, so here’s some help with that.

London is the most cosmopolitan city in the country, having millions of people discovering new ways daily to express themselves in their art. It’s interesting to see the correlation between popular musicians and the influence they have on our fashion, attitudes and hobbies. So what potential influential artists should we look forward to see dominating London, before the rest of the world? 

Public Body

London/Brighton dynamic post-punk band Public Body takes influence from hating your 9-5 day job, combined with growing passions for old-school technology and questioning individual purpose in the progressive world. 


Austrian-born singer Vanilla Jenner transforms into London’s dreamgirl; Viji. Blending worlds of alt-pop and lo-fi grunge, is Viji’s artistic portrayal of what goes on in her mind, and it’s really catchy.

Sarah Meth

North London singer/songwriter, Sarah Meth, tells stories of overflowing emotions that aren’t and shouldn’t be contained through her music. Her talent creates soulful music with a soulful voice, accompanied by slow soulful strums of guitars to depict how she solely wants us to feel.

Goat Girl

The coolest South London post-punk musicians in the business; four people in a band awesomely named Goat Girl. They have been creating since 2018, developing a sound mistakable for no other as they embrace the talent they have for incorporating unique sounds and synths into the post-punk scene, and making it 100% work. 

Bloody Death

Bloody Death is the solo project of vocalist Ted Foster, before becoming a London-based experimental lo-fi indie band of five. What they bring to the table is nothing short of an atmospheric indie-rock performance, leaving audiences craving a bigger feast after devouring every second of music these guys have released. 


One of the most recent musicians to quickly shoot to large levels of fame is Bea Kristi and her band. A four piece that share a wholesome sister and brotherhood in style, and it’s no secret that vocalist Bea has fans in a trance by influencing fashion garments and making them big for younger fans. They rock out sonically and visually, and it’s pretty refreshing to see a band create something similar to a style that was taking over the world at one point.

Nat Slater

Bedroom-singer turned studio-star is Nat Slater and her catchy RnB tracks. Nat manages to incorporate a variety of different influences into her own music, taking inspiration from acoustic genres, trap and drill genre’s, and the pop genre. She’s become so good at it that everything flows with fluidity whilst being able to effortlessly fluctuate between different sounds throughout her discography. 

Rosie Alena

Rosie’s beautifully haunting voice leaves a sense of familiarity and nostalgia; she poetically navigates her voice and words through the start to the finish of her music, whilst using guitars and synths as her props and building blocks to perfect the emotives in every song. 

The London music scene and its influence

As mentioned, the London music scene is famous for its influence on British culture. Currently, thanks to progressively popular social media platforms, the biggest trends in the music industry at the moment tend to be staple fashion pieces that are often borrowed from the Y2K fashion scene that we would see in the entertainment industry during the early 2000’s.

Music adds so much depth to our lives, whether that’s just the music we choose to consume, the way we style our hair or the attitude we display to the rest of the world. Questions are being asked more and more and research is expanding to understand how deeply music shapes our identity.

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Due to these factors alone, it’s definitely worth paying attention to who’s on the rise, and trying to understand where, and why?

Words: Charissa Halsey | Subbing: Zofia Sookyova | Featured Image: Paolo Nicolello on Unsplash

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