KSI vs Logan Paul 2 – Battle of the coaches

Viddal Riley and Shannon Briggs have a heated verbal exchange at press conference

It’s nearly time for the rematch between KSI and Logan Paul, which will take place in Los Angeles on Saturday the 9th of November. The popular YouTubers previously fought on the 25th August 2018 and are getting ready for a fight that has the potential to make millions – again.

At the press conference today there was an altercation between the two coaches. KSI’s coach, Viddal Riley, told Paul’s coach, Shannon Briggs, that after the fight he could go back to taking “drugs and having no contest”.

Briggs responded by threatening to “break” his jaw for being “disrespectful”.

The coaches were held back by multiple security guards who were already on stage. The tension between the two camps appears to be at an all-time high as insults such as “old man” (Riley to Briggs) were thrown across the stage.

Briggs has been the world heavyweight champion twice. Riley is yet to win any titles but can be heard boldly claiming that “no one gives a **** about Shannon Briggs”.

The YouTubers share an unbelievable 40 million subscribers between them and the hashtag #KSILoganPaul2 has already created a storm on social media. This fight is sure to go down in YouTube history as the pair continue changing the face of boxing.

By Mazvita Musendo

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