Hanging on for their lives – Winter Wonderland ride breaks

Credit: hydeparkwinterwonderland.com

Teens left dangling on popular London Christmas attraction as ride malfunctions.

Two teens have been left dangling after the slingshot ride at Winter Wonderland malfunctioned. The rides bungee cord on one side snapped, leaving the two boys in the air for, according to some reports, 20 to 30 minutes while the workers at the attraction figured out how to get the boys down. Emergency services were called; however, workers had already figured out how to retrieve the boys before their presence was needed.

The incident has blown up on social media, and video footage from an attendee of Winter Wonderland can be seen below.

A famous winter attraction has blamed a “technical issue” for the event, and the spokesperson has reported that safety checks are “regular” and are of the “highest priority”.

Several witnesses and attendees have reported how scary the event was and have stated how the incident has discouraged them from going on a slingshot ride again.

Becky Littlewoods stated to a PA news agency that she “really wanted to go on a full stop but my husband looked at me and said, ‘no you’re not going on that it doesn’t look very safe.'” She reportedly said that this conversation occurred just moments before the incident.

“I wouldn’t go back on this one. But I go on others. But I would avoid this sort of ride because they seem a bit unpredictable.”

The two teens are reportedly not physically harmed, and authorities are looking into the incident.

Words: Laura Parry | Subbing: Mathumithah Kandiah

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