Golden Globes 2020: no female nominees for best director, yet again.

The official 77th Annual Golden Globes nominations were released on 9th December and the lack of diversity has caused a massive uproar from both fans, critics and actors themselves.


Once again, no women were nominated in the Best Director category. Critics thought the Hollywood Foreign Press Association would have taken note after they faced similar backlash with the nominations list. 

Last year, actress Natalie Portman called out the HFPA for selecting only male nominees while presenting the category alongside director Ron Howard, “ and here are the all-male nominees’’.


In the past 76 ceremonies, only five females have been nominated. Barbara Streisand is the only woman to win a Golden Globe for Best Director for the film Yentl! (1983).



Gender misrepresentation is an ongoing issue in the film industry, and the public is reminded of it every time awards season comes around.


Gender discrimination is not just common at the Golden Globes. Other award shows, like The Oscars – arguably one of the most prestigious award shows – even fails to represent men and women equally. In the past 20 years, while 87 men have been nominated for the Best Director category at The Oscars, only three women were nominated have  been nominated for the same award. 

Charlize Theron is a fan favourite, but even she admitted when asked by the LA Times, “It’s not cool…we’ve got to keep making noise until we’re heard and these stories get recognised.’’



It is believed by some that many women purposefully don’t choose a career in film directing because they don’t see their role models get the praise they deserve.  

The more women emerging into the industry and pursuing their directorial dream, the more they will encourage the younger generation. 




Words: Martina Chausheva

Photo: Unsplash


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