Push Out Prejudice Episode 1: The realities of stripping

Young Londoners are some of the most progressive, open-minded people in the country. Over 8 million people live here, speaking 300 languages. However, despite being one of the most liberal cities in the world, people continue to face prejudice, harassment and intolerance.

The Push Out Prejudice podcast, will be tackling stigma’s and stereotypes each week by talking about, listening to, and sharing people’s experiences. We will be starting a necessary conversation to educate young people on the realities of certain industries.

In our first episode, our host Tia Jones will be talking with Ellen Metcalfe Cox, a business woman, stripper and former nurse. From the unspoken sexual harassment nurses face to how stripping has massively boosted her self-confidence, Bunny – Ellen’s stage name and alter ego – tells all. Tune in to also find out how Ellen found love on the job.


Want to listen to Ellen’s story? Click below:

Words: Tia Jones

Audio: Tia Jones

Image: Elizabeth Hodson @elizabethhodsonphotos

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