Over 5000 patients died regarding lack capacity of beds in NHS

NHS is experiencing the worst availability of hospitals of beds ever. Recent findings of the research have pushed the government to the emergency of solving the problem.

Dr Chris Moulton and Dr Cliff Mann from NHS accomplished their joint study and drew a conclusion demonstrating that spending time on waiting for a bed acts as a direct reason, which has caused 5,449 people’s deaths over past three years.

Simultaneously, Of the total 79,228 patients who were forced to have a six-hour waiting period, 960 patients were died, in that the supply of the quantity of hospitals beds fails to meet the demand.

The British-registered charity, The Patients Association, who is devoted to improving patients’ experiences of various forms of healthcare services. It has criticised NHS by saying: “deeply shocking and very worrying.”

Credit to Adhy Savala on Unsplash

According to NHS England’s released data about overnight beds ’availability and occupancy, from April to June 201, 144,455 NHS overnight beds were available from await patients. Yet starting from this July, the figure has decreased to 127,225 in 2019’s second quarter.

A researcher from the policy team of the King’s Fund, Leo Ewbank, has interpreted another point of view which virtually illustrates a pivot difficulty that NHS is confronting.

He claims that merely increasing the number of beds can not relieve the current intense condition. Moreover, recruiting an equal amount of nursing staff is virtual and prior action that the NHS should consider.

Words: Yunxi Li

Featured image: Richard Catabay on Unsplash

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