Funding cuts may lead to rise in pregnancies and abortions

 The UK government announced cuts in public health services. Doctors have advised that this might lead to a rise in abortions and pregnancies.

Reporter: Micaela Kolischer

The cut is believed to jeopardise women’s chance of getting a variety of 15 types of contraceptives, provided by GPs in the UK, also known long-acting reversible methods.

GP Anne Connolly visited the BBC’S Victoria Derbyshire show today and said: ‘’We’ve seen fantastic reductions in teen pregnancy over the last 10 years. One of the mayor factors has been improved education to primary care to the contraceptive services, a lot of extra training but particularly a focus on the much more reliable, much more cost efficient long-acting reversible methods’’.

Contraception in Britain, specifically the morning after pill costs over £30, while in other countries in the rest of Europe, it costs five times less, The Independent reported.

However, the morning after pill is not the only cost women endure. Before buying it, they need a compulsory consultation with a pharmacist, which would stop many women from buying the pill, The Telegraph explained. Still, some medical professionals suggested that consultations give women the ability of becoming informed about STD’s and other possible hazards.

This has sparked outrage on social media, with many women expressing their concern:

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