Fleetwood Mac and Christine McVie: voices for all our generations

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With recent tragic news on the passing of vocalist and keyboardist Christine McVie, 79, people are discussing Fleetwood Mac yet again after last years ‘Dreams’ TikTok trend. Which brings the question to mind of how this British rock band has remained relevant, and influenced generations from the 70s, to probably forever. 

Thanks to online streaming platforms being more accessible now than ever, people have more opportunities to dive into decades of past music and discover new genres daily. One of the lucky bands to constantly resurface every decade (alongside artists such as Deftones and Kate Bush) would be Fleetwood Mac, most known for their top songs ‘Dreams’, ‘The Chain’ and ‘Go Your Own Way’.

By Warner Bros. Records – Billboard, page 85, 14 May 1977

Hippies, punks, you, me are grieving over the loss of one of the band’s integral members, Christine McVie. She expressed to The Guardian that she would be “delighted” to rejoin the band after her separation in 1998 before returning in 2014. They birthed what became a masterpiece with their 1977 album ‘Rumours’ which was fuelled by the infamous internal relationship feuds and separations within the group. 

Thousands have expressed their condolences towards the late McVie, including long-time best friends and bandmate, Stevie Nicks, and some modern musicians such as Harry Styles.

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Their music has been referenced numerously in popular television shows, such as Stevie Nicks performing on ‘American Horror Story‘ and a whole episode dedicated to the album ‘Rumours’ in ‘Glee‘, reaching generations that perhaps would never have heard of the band much before. Or perhaps the youth feel as though they can identify with the mystery that is Nicks and the ear-catching solos that Buckingham brings to the table, as they provide a sense of nostalgia that they haven’t been able to physically experience in their lifetime.

Their music is, clearly, very appealing to generations that didn’t exist during the band’s prime time – but it doesn’t stop the prime time from constantly resurfacing for new generations to understand why Fleetwood Mac have become so influential, especially with help from viral video sharing platform TikTok. It’s a sound that was born decades before its time; it’s classic and modern, the perfect combination of poise and edge.

McVie (formerly known as Christine Perfect) released her solo stuff which can be streamed on all streaming platforms, which blends her soulful alto voice with beautiful love-struck lyricism accompanied by a combination of up-beat and orchestral sonics.

‘This Is Christine McVie’ playlist by Spotify on Spotify

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