F1 Says Goodbye To 2019

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A thrilling season of Formula 1 concluded today as Lewis Hamilton won the final race at Abu Dhabi. Winning the last race of the decade, as he did in 2009.

Despite the fireworks and glamour, the race to be proved to be somewhat lacklustre in the eyes of Hamilton who, starting on pole, pulled away at the start and controlled the race from thereon.

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The Ferrari team came into the race hoping for a clean finish after the calamity that ensued in Brazil. They managed to come home in third place with Leclerc.

Unfortunately for the Monegasque, his car is under investigation for possible fuel discrepancies in qualifying that may see him penalised and disqualified from the race.

Hamilton’s teammate, Bottas, had to start from the rear after installing a new power unit and gearbox. He managed to bring home the Mercedes in fourth place after making his way up the pack.

His journey made more difficult by DRS being disabled at the start of the race due to technical issues at the track. The two straights in sector two were greatly compromised as a result.

Carlos Sainz won the title of ‘Best of the Rest’ by one point. His rival, Gasly, was taken out of contention by a first lap incident with Stroll.

Sainz secured sixth place with an exhilarating last lap overtake on Hulkenburg, the only car between him and a points finish.

F1 now says goodbye to the 2019 season, with the Australian grand prix beginning the new season on March 15th 2020.

With cars being under the same regulations next year,  along with only two driver swaps, 2020 will see smaller gaps between cars and a tighter fight for the championship before the new rules come into place in 2021.



Words: Ferris Shaw

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