London Bridge: Shut down “after gunfire”

Live Update 18:21: A source has told the BBC that two members of the public have died after the attack today.

Live Update 18:08: Boris Johnson has payed tribute to the members of the public who intervened during the attack and has said: “This country will never be cowed or divided or intimidated by this sort of attack.”

Police have upped patrols in the City and are urging people to be “alert and vigilant”.

Live Update 16:53: New interviews fro the scene below.

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Live Update 16:49: Sadiq Khan has said that many people have been injured, and commends pedestrians who ran towards the attacker earlier.

Live Update 16:41: Our reporter, Michelle Del Rey, is currently on the scene interviewing witnesses.

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Live Update 16:25: Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu has confirmed that the man who was shot on the bridge and died at the scene was a suspect. It has been officially confirmed as a terrorist incident. A reported vest strapped to the suspect was confirmed to be a hoax explosive device.

Live Update 16:22: Met Police have asked for people to send in any updates they may have about the attack. Information in tweet below:

Police have also cleared out Borough Market.

Live Update 15:59: Met Police have confirmed on Twitter that a number of people have been stabbed.

Live Update 15:58: Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, has released a statement on the attack.

Live Update 15:55: Boris Johnson is returning to Downing Street from his constituency to receive more updates on the London Bridge attack.

Live Update 15:50: A witness at Roasting Plant Coffee said that the police are handling the incident well. The restaurant was shut down due to the attack.

Live Update 15:43: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has thanked emergency services for their response.

Live Update 15:32: Police were called to a stabbing at a premises close to London Bridge. Five people are thought to be injured. There are reports that there has been one victim fatality.

Live Update 15:28: One man has been confirmed as detained at this time. Unconfirmed reports say there may be more than one attacker.

Live Update 15:25: Reports state that the man shot may not be the alleged attacker. Confirmed one man shot dead by police.

Live Update 15:24: Met Police are treating the incident as a terrorism-related.

Live Update 15:21: Jamie, who is in a restaurant on lockdown in Borough Market, says security are looking for a suspect.

Dr David Lowe, terrorism expert at Leeds Beckett University was quoted on talkRADIO about the possibility of a terrorist attack, saying: “Is this a terrorist attack? We have a number of stabbings going on, you can’t take anything for granted, you have to take the action that was needed.”

Live Update 15:14: Reports are now emerging that people are locked in Borough Market.

Live Update 15:02: Video shows a man running towards pedestrians with a knife who is then followed by a police officer.

Scuffle then takes place during which an apparent bystander gets the attacker’s knife. Moments later it appears the man is shot by officers.

Live Update 14:56: London Ambulance Service has just declared London Bridge to be the site of a ‘major incident’.


Live Update 14:51: Video obtained by VOL shows police boats in the water. The witness footage shows office workers on lockdown. The witness said: “No one is allowed to leave or exit.”


London Bridge has been shut down after reports of gunfire throughout the area.

The Metropolitan Police are in the early stages of dealing with the incident. Pedestrians have been posting images and videos from the scene.

A tweet from The Met Police posted 17-minutes-ago stated they were working on the situation. There have been no further updates. We will be monitoring the situation.

Sky News have just reported that police have killed the alleged attacker.

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Words: Michelle Del Rey and Niamh Hutchings | Audio: Michelle Del Rey

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